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Montauk Mystery recontextualizes the ideologies of the 20th century within history, presenting an alternate version of History from the perspective of our own timeline; in an attempt to reconcile science, fascism, commercialism, and the red and lavender scare, to realize the deeper truth within the historical context. The Montauk Mystery storyline was conceived as a way to cast The “average North American” as a second class citizen in their own country, in an attempt to offer a perspective point of view, on life as a member of a marginalized community in our modern day reality. 

Appearing in multiple formats and platforms, real and virtual, audiences take action in alternate reality unfolding

Add your voice

You can impact the outcome of the story by leveraging your  skills and social media presence to join this important conversation, and influence your own social circle

Take Action

All players receive ONE weekly email communication including a challenge designed to test the limits of your perception of the past.

Create your character to resolve Montauk Mystery challenges, and join different member groups.
Contribute to earn points, access to exclusives and communication privileges with other players to improve your social standing and grow your own social circle.
Connect and communicate with other players to join social circles who are at the same social standing.
Make impressions on other circles to grow yours and increase your circle’s influence on the decisions THE PROLOCUTOR

The more impressions you make, the more influence you have, the more power you have to direct the outcome of the story by directing what THE PROLOCUTOR does.


YOU decide what THE PROLOCUTOR does in the story.  THE PROLOCUTOR makes decisions based on the directives of the pool of players (including CREATORS, CAST, PRODUCERS, PLAYERS, and PARTNERS)

Turn scrolling into a habit that takes steps towards a new perspective on the past 100 years of History
Solve the Montauk Mystery.

Share what you have to spare…. A moment.  

We’d love to have you along on this mission.


Membership is by invitation.  There are a limited number available.

All Memberships offer the following privileges:

Character profile with ACTIVE PLAYER STATUS level powers (connecting, posting, sharing, commenting, and participation in competitive challenges and action based incentives).  
Power to play THE PROLOCUTOR (issue directives, contribute data, vote on decisions)
Ability to upgrade membership tiers through action and participation in challenges
FIRST TO KNOW privileges on all Montauk Mystery storyline secrets and mystery resolutions
Access to INVITE ONLY online and live events, merchandise, and exclusive meet and greets with cast and producers


Get Social with us!  Like, share, and interact with our posts and content.. Earn Point for membership.


get access to our content before anyone else!


Make a financial contribution to get  behind the scenes privileges, and on screen credit!.

Rewards of joining:

  • Loyalty points for your contributions and actions.  You earn points for reading, liking, sharing, interacting (commenting), making financial contributions, and completing quest challenges. These points are redeemable towards bonus rewards, exclusive experiences, and any profit sharing initiatives proposed in the future.
  • Monthly Communications and Game Challenges,  featuring  creators, cast and other special guest contributors.
  • Exclusive Access to live online events, casting sessions, script table reads.
    Exclusive access to our content library: pitch decks, investor decks, promotional material, casting notices, production bible, storyboards, concept art, music, and other digital products
  • Exclusive access to behind the scenes production content:  rehearsals, rough cuts
  • Exclusive “first look” privileges to cut scenes/trailers/episodes
  • Special Thanks in the credits of episodes produced with your help..



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