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What is Reality?

“Montauk Mystery” is an Immersive Narrative Game proposing an experiment where players are challenged to affect a predicted future (alternate 2039). Montauk Mystery is a transmedia project, testing the proposition that the future is impacted by our perception of the past by exploring the mysteries surrounding The Montauk Project, a secret government experiment in time travel initiated after World War II.. 

Subscribers are enticed to “re-leaning” 100 years of  history within the context of exploring a bizarre mirror universe, where the history of the past century has been inverted.  

The early part of the last century saw a surge of  imagination, scientific and technological advancements that has not been paralleled since. Many of these Achievements, conceptualized, funded and instituted by the necessities of war, have opened the door and lead us directly to our modern era.

These experiments, shrouded in military secrets from both sides of the conflict, continue to fuel speculation and conspiracy theories, from Operation Paperclip to Area 51. 

The Premise: To Question

Montauk Mystery recontextualizes the ideologies of the 20th century within history, presenting an alternate version of History from the perspective of our own timeline; in an attempt to reconcile science and the relationship of progress to war, and commercialism, and realize the deeper truth within the historical context of the story.

Involves elements of: history, archeology, science, quantum theory, psychology, spirituality, and self discovery. 

The Playing Board

Using multi-media messaging this psychosocial real life Adventure Game challenges players to identify  the Montauk Mystery, executing challenges to unlock  clues as to its shape, quality, and nature.  Involves elements of history, archeology, science, quantum theory, psychology, spirituality, and self discovery. .


The Players perform the role of Investigators, charged to resolve the Montauk Mystery. The aim of the game is to discover the whole truth of the plot by determining the aspects of the Mystery:

Move through the Board & Watch Social Media For Artifact releases, and Investigation Prompts.

To Solve the Montauk Mystery, players must complete 4 stages of 13 challenge levels of evolving complexity, log their impressions at each level, and achieve the goal of each individual stage: 

4 Stages x 13 levels/ 
12 Months of play 
Requirements: Age 18+/ Valid email address/Active  
Social Media account/Vivid Imagination 
Eligibility: Must be Canadian/US resident  
*International release May 8th 2024 

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All Memberships offer the following privileges:

Loyalty points for your contributions and actions.  You earn points for reading, liking, sharing, interacting (commenting), making financial contributions, and completing quest challenges. These points are redeemable towards bonus rewards, exclusive experiences, and any profit sharing initiatives proposed in the future.
Monthly update featuring creators, cast and other special guest contributors.
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